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The idea for the KREM Radio station originated in early 1979 while Rufus X and I were visiting New Orleans. There was a New Orleans deejay I liked, by the name of Sister Love, and one day Rufus and his cousin, Sam Wiley, who was our host, showed me the building where the radio station which featured Sister Love was located. It was quite a modest, one flat structure, much smaller than the three story Albert Cattouse Building from where the Belize government monopoly station – Radio Belize – was broadcasting.

1 Comment on 85th Annual Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic March 30th , 2013

  1. Louisville, Ky. // April 2, 2013 at 9:21 am // Reply

    From all the comments I listened to on the WUB, it appears that the youth Darnell has natural riding abilities. I just wish he would apply himself some more and exploit his true potentials and be a shining example to youths everywhere, especially those marginalised and in the ghetto.
    The objective is to raise wiself up and if cycling is the vehicle, then ride on young men, ride on…Yer?

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