Glenda Card Exhibits Belize: One People One Nation

(Los Angeles, Monday, June 18, 2012) The excitement in the air was unmistaken, as attendees poured into the Consulate of Belize on June 9th to witness the unveiling of the much anticipated artwork, for the solo exhibit of Mrs. Glenda Card. Her 15 pieces of original water colors and oils blanketed the walls of the Consulate; and as the crowd moved from one room to another, they were not disappointed, for as the satin covers fell, the magnificence of the artist was revealed.

Glenda Card is a self-taught artist, who from an early age demonstrated a passion and a talent for drawing and painting. Her medium of choice are pencil, pastel and oil. She was inspired by the famous Belizean artist, Louis Belisle. Card drew upon this inspiration and enrolled in an art summer workshop in the early 60’s at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts in Belize. She later participated in exhibitions held at the Bliss during the early 1960’s and in Jamaica in the early 70’s.

As the Cultural Desk Chair, Helen Laurie commenced with the unveiling, chattering and a sense of appreciation swirled in the air as the painting entitled “We Are Belize” was unveiled. It depicted all the ethnicities of Belize. The painting has an aura of simplicity, as it is straight forward with no complications for its interpretation. The audience nodded its approval as the artist explained how she was moved to paint the different make- up of the people of Belize. For some, their mind drifted back to the banner that greeted attendees as they stepped off the second floor elevator at the Offices of Consulate of Belize; “It reminds me of the Consulate’s banner outside, Belizeans- One People, One Nation, One Flag,” commented Vice Consul, Carolyn McKenzie.

The theme of one Belizean people was a common thread that was woven through the exhibit reception of Glenda Card. Attendees experienced an afternoon of art and poetry as famed Belizean poet and author, Flora Anderson-Chestnut flew in from Chicago to support, acknowledged, and praised Card, her childhood friend from Belize. She performed an original poem entitled, “We are BELIZE: One People: One Nation,” as she mesmerized the attendees with her expressive spoken word. Commenting on the coincidence of her performance, Anderson-Chestnut remarked “Ms. Glenda Card-Collins did not know that I had written a poem that had the same name as her artwork, and I did not know that she had created her artwork that had the same title – “We are Belize.” Therefore, it’s only an Awesome God like the One we serve, who can allow something like this to occur! Therefore, I praise God for this wonderful collaboration!”

The painting “Wash Day,” invoked memories of a typical Saturday in Belize for the many females who attended the opening reception. It clearly depicted the matriarch of the family “washing clothes,” as her first batch blows in the wind behind her on the ‘clothes line.’ The details in the painting are impeccable, as the houses in the yard on low stilts, zinc roofs and outdoor bathroom are clearly evident in the painting.

It was Glenda Card’s pieces that depicted flowing waters that attendees were enthralled and in awed about. Perhaps it is the peacefulness and calmness of the painted waves or perhaps it is our love for the Caribbean Sea that borders our shores, but many of the guests in attendance stared at and were drawn to the paintings depicting water in them. Photographer Norman Reneau remarked, “look how her waters look fluid, they’re flowing, it’s remarkable, it takes talent to get that effect on a painting.”

The sounds of DJ Logan permeated the reception with Belizean “Brukdong Music” and Classic Oldies as guests strolled through the Consulate halls to view the paintings. Those in attendance were served light refreshments and wine as they embraced the entire exhibit experience.

Consul General, Hon Roland Yorke thanked the attendees for their support of Mrs. Card’s exhibit. He also expressed appreciation for the public’s interest and its embracement of the series of art exhibits held at the Consulate; and graciously thanked the Belizean community for their continuous support of Consulate activities. Hon. Yorke took the opportunity to remind attendees of the pending visit by BELTRAIDE to present options to Belizeans living abroad for small investment opportunities in Belize.

Remarks were also made by Antony Jones and Winfiled Tillett, both members of CAL-BEL, the Belize Cricket presence in Los Angeles. They shared with the audience that the Belize National Cricket team will be visiting Los Angeles August 30th – September 5th of this this year, for a series of games against CAL-BEL.

Mr. Silvano Torres, the Belize Director in COFECA, (Confederacion Centro Americana) also made remarks to the crowd that gathered for the exhibit. He detailed the activities the organization will undertake September 20 – 23, 2012 as the nation states of the region, celebrate the independence of Central America. He appealed to all Belizeans to become involved and participate in the festivities.

Glenda Card’s exhibit will be on display until June 28, 2012 at the Consulate of Belize, located at 4801 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 250. The display can be seen during regular business hours; the office is closed from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm in the afternoons for lunch.

Article courtesy Consulate General of Belize


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    I am very proud of you Glenda. You are very gifted.

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