January JonesJones was delighted to have fulfilled her life’s dream of being face to face with whale sharks

American super starlet January Jones today spoke at a press conference telling reporters it was a life’s dream to get to swim with whale sharks and most delighted that she got to do it on her first ever trip to Belize.

At a press briefing held today at the Biltmore Plaza in Belize City, Jones explained that she chose to speak out for sharks because she realized that too many people did not appreciate their value to our marine eco-system.  She said she hopes that if a small-bodied person like herself is seen swimming with these gigantic docile creatures it would help to remove the myth that people should be afraid of sharks and help people realize they must be afraid FOR SHARKS as their populations are being disseminated.

In addition, Jones told reporters that she chose to work along with Oceana since she had either wanted to start a charity of her own that helps to protect sharks or be a part of such a charity.  Thus when she found out about Oceana she knew that it would be a good partnership.  Jones who volunteers her time to be Oceana’s spokesperson for sharks, spent two days out with a film and photography crew assisted by  local tour operators from Avadon Divers in Placencia.  Neil Andrea who took the underwater video says he was impressed to see the rangers, tour operators and local fishermen working hand in hand to protect the Gladden Spit Marine Reserve. On his first attempt he was able to capture fantastic images of Jones with a whale shark for Oceana’s PSA to be released late summer for both an international and local audience.

January JonesAt today’s press event, Matt Littlejohn Oceana’s VP for marketing, explained that he chose Belize as the next location for Oceana’s upcoming shark PSA because of its famous whale shark zone.   Audrey Matura Shepherd, Oceana’s VP in Belize said that if we can get people to learn more about the importance of the sharks, especially whale sharks, to our economy then more Belizeans would get involved in protecting these.’

Julianne Stockbridge, Marine Scientist for Belize explained that efforts need to continue to pass special legislation that will protect all species of sharks found in Belize.  Presently, studies of sharks in Belize are being done by WCS’s Dr. Rachel Graham who is hoping that by electronic tagging she will be able to learn more about the sharks migratory patterns.

January JonesThe trip was made possible through he sponsorship of Le Mer, a beauty cream and products companies that uses only eco-friendly and sustainable methods to create their products.
Contact: Audrey Matura-Shepherd, VP Oceana 610-0702

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