Joel Dara Robinson to be honored

September 12, 2011
6:00 P.M.

Joel Dara Robinson28 deserving Belizeans will be honored during a tribute to Belizean Patriots Thursday at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts in Belize City.

Among them is Joel “Dara” Robinson who will receive a meritorious service award for contributions to social work.

Dara is the grass-roots philanthropist behind the feeding programmes that have kept many a primary school student from going hungry while in school. He is often seen standing with his barrels collecting food on Albert Street, selflessly and tirelessly giving of his time to assist those in need.

A fanatic of the Reggae greats like Bob Marley and Lucky Dube, the proceeds of Dara’s many tributes to them make their way to his outreach initiatives.

Meanwhile, among the other honorees will be Edward A. Lain who will receive posthumously the Order of Belize for contributions to law.

Paul Nabor will receive the Order of Distinction for his imprint on culture and music, while Lawrence Vernon will be recognized for his contributions to the development of the national library service and Sharon Matola for her input in education and the preservation of wildlife.

Thursday’s awards are in line with the National Honours and Awards Act, 1991, which provides that each year on or near Independence Day, “honours and awards may be conferred on persons, living or deceased, who have rendered outstanding and meritorious service to Belize, or who have distinguished themselves in other endeavours worthy of national recognition.”

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