Oceana donates to Trinity Methodist School


September 23rd, 2010

Oceana donated to TrinityAs part of Oceana’s ongoing commitment to provide Belizean youths with the necessary tools and information needed to acquire a greater understanding and appreciation for our marine environment, Oceana made a small donation to Trinity Methodist School at 1:00 p.m. in Kings Park. The ceremony took place in the church adjacent to the school in front of Lopez Mateos Park. Oceana donated four remote controlled electric fans to the school and every student received exercise books, pencils and a and Angelfish hand fan. The exercise books are laden with useful marine facts on every page that will inspire our youths to learn more about our marine environment. We were surprised to learn that the students already knew of Oceana and our cause to ban offshore oil exploration. It was truly an inspirational experience to see our future so interested in current affairs. For further information, please contact Audrey Matura-Shepherd at telephone number 610-0702 or Joel “Dara” Robinson at 623-3662.


Oceana donated to Trinity oceana3

Ocean donates to Trinity Ocean donated to Trinity

Article courtesy Oceana

About KREM
The idea for the KREM Radio station originated in early 1979 while Rufus X and I were visiting New Orleans. There was a New Orleans deejay I liked, by the name of Sister Love, and one day Rufus and his cousin, Sam Wiley, who was our host, showed me the building where the radio station which featured Sister Love was located. It was quite a modest, one flat structure, much smaller than the three story Albert Cattouse Building from where the Belize government monopoly station – Radio Belize – was broadcasting.

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