PSE Examination 2010


Three rise above six thousand plus! A total of 6,661 students sat this year’s PSE examination, which appraises the completion of course content and skills in English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science of the National Primary School Curriculum in Belize. This examination also plays a big role in students’ advancement onto secondary schools.

The first part of the PSE on March 22nd featured the English 1 and 2 papers and Science while on May 3rd students sat the Math 1 and 2 papers and Social Studies. The majority of the students who sat the exam, approximately 1,963, are from the Belize District. Cayo having the second highest majority facilitated 1,707 students. In Stann Creek, 866 students signed up for the exam, 831 did so in Orange Walk, while Corozal postulated 733 and Toledo 568 students.

Deana gibsonA release from the Ministry of Education points out though that Mathematics continues to be an area of challenge for students, teachers, schools and the education system itself, with students registering more difficulty in problem solving as opposed to computation and math concepts. On a more encouraging note, this year evaluators saw a 5% increase in English and the highest performance in Science since the start of the PSE in 2000. Performance in Social Studies remains more or less the same.

Kelsey MusaOf that six thousand plus, the top performer in this year’s Primary School Examination is Siian Rancharan of Hummingbird Elementary School in Belize City. Rancharan received 386 points (96.5%) out of a possible total of 400, making him the recipient of the Jane and Michael Nembhard award, laptop, printer, a BZ$300 4-year book scholarship and BZ$1000 cash. The second place scorer was Deana Gibson of Poncotto Primary in Sandhill with 383 points (95.75%); while Kelsey Musa of Belize Elementary was third with a total of 380 points (95%). Both Gibson and Musa can look forward to a laptop and BZ$300 4-year book scholarship. The top performing students will be recognized at a national award ceremony later this June. The accomplishments of the top three performers in each district will not go unnoticed as they too will be recognized in ceremonies in their respective districts and receive book scholarships.

Written by Kimberly Timmons

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