Spotlight Auto Show 2010


Car Categories:

(1) Best Engine Presentation (1st Prize – $350.00 + trophy; 2nd Prize – $150.00 + trophy)
(2) Best Interior Car Entertainment (1st Prize – $350.00 + trophy; 2nd Prize – $150.00 + trophy)
(3) Most Impressive Sounds (1st Prize – $350.00 + trophy; 2nd Prize – $150.00 + trophy)

Truck & SUV Category:

1) Best Overall Presentation (1st Prize – $350.00 + trophy; 2nd Prize – $150.00 + trophy)

Date: Sunday, August 29 at 12:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Place: Fort Street Plaza Parking Lot, Tourism Village

Food and drinks on sale

Music by Dignitariz, Mr. Frisco & Hard Rock

Contact 667-4334 or 607-1340 for additional information on rules, regulations and registration

General admission $3.00

Points system: 1-5

* Highest points being: 5

* Each category has 3 sub categories which will be judged using point system above.

Category – CARS

SOUNDS: points 1-5

  1. Presentation
  2. Quality
  3. Baseline

UNDERHOOD: points 1-5

  1. Engine presentation
  2. Adoptions
  3. Engine Upgrades

INTERIOR: points 1-5

  1. Entertainment
  2. Interior improvement
  3. Creativity

Category – TRUCKS & SUV





Rules & Regulations

1. No stock vehicles

  • This relates to vehicles that were purchased with all accessories.

2. Your vehicle must display some personal creative elements.

  • Originality is important

3. The owner of the vehicle registered in the competition must present their vehicle.

4. There will be three judges (2 males & 1 female). A point system will be employed. The person with the most points win. The credentials of the judges are simple: A passion for fancy vehicle.

5. There are 3 categories for Cars and 1 category for Trucks and SUV.


  • Best Sounds
  • Best Under hood
  • Best Interior

Trucks & SUV:

  • Best Overall Performance (Best Sounds, Best Under hood and Best Interior)
  1. Your vehicle must be lined up by 2:00 p.m. judging starts at 5:00 p.m.
  2. Contact 667-4334 or 607-1340 for additional information on rules, regulations and registrations.


About KREM
The idea for the KREM Radio station originated in early 1979 while Rufus X and I were visiting New Orleans. There was a New Orleans deejay I liked, by the name of Sister Love, and one day Rufus and his cousin, Sam Wiley, who was our host, showed me the building where the radio station which featured Sister Love was located. It was quite a modest, one flat structure, much smaller than the three story Albert Cattouse Building from where the Belize government monopoly station – Radio Belize – was broadcasting.

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