We Won!! Belize Wins ICC Division 3 in Costa Rica

BELIZE CITY, Sun. Mar. 20, 2011

Belize National Cricket Team, captain Dirk Sutherland 3rd from left
Belize National Cricket Team, captain Dirk Sutherland 3rd from left

Arriving triumphantly at the P.S.W.G. International Airport shortly before 10:00 a.m. this morning was the Belize National Cricket Team, returning from Costa Rica where they had just won 5 consecutive games convincingly to claim the championship of the ICC Division 3 Tournament 2011. On their way to the championship, the Belize National Team defeated teams from Peru, Faulkland Islands, Mexico, Costa Rica and Chile.

On Monday, March 14, Belize beat Peru in game 1, with Howell Gillett winning Man of the Match honors; and then defeated Faulkland Islands in game 2, with Mykelt Anthony chosen as Man of the Match in that encounter. On Wednesday, March 16, Keve Flowers was Man of the Match, as Belize beat Mexico; then on Thursday, March 17, Belize dropped host country Costa Rica, with Keve Flowers again being the Man of the Match. Belize completed the 5-game sweep with a victory over Chile on Friday, March 18, as Mykelt Anthony won his second Man of the Match award.

Fans welcoming victorious national team
Fans welcoming victorious national team

Along with the championship trophy and five Man of the Match awards, two Belize team members also received individual tournament awards: Tournament Best Bowler award went to Belize’s Keve Flowers; and Tournament MVP as well as Tournament Best Wicket Keeper was Conway Young of the Belize Cricket Team.

Captain of the Belize national team was Dirk Sutherland of Rancho Dolores, whose Western Eagles team, led by village council chairman Alden Rhaburn and BNCA committee member Gilroy Middleton, were at the airport early to welcome home their captain and the rest of the Belize cricket heroes.
It was a festive atmosphere, balloons bursting and all, as Russel’s bus brought another crowd of cricket fans – relatives, friends, wives and children – from villages in the Belize River Valley to welcome home their cricket stars.

Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA) president Elston Wade, who was the head of the Belize delegation to Costa Rica, said that the victory in the ICC Division 3 Tournament automatically qualifies Belize for the ICC Division 2 Tournament, which will be in Suriname, beginning on April 9. He expects the same selection of players to represent Belize in that higher level tournament.

After pictures and interviews with the media, the cricket delegation proceeded on a motorcade through Belize City’s main streets, before returning to the real home of cricket in Belize – the River Valley area, where most of the teams are presently based.

The victorious Belize cricket delegation to Costa Rica consisted of: Dirk Sutherland, Captain; Howell Gillett; Garret Joseph; Warren Anthony; Keve Flowers; Conway Young; Dorian Gabb; Robert Casasola; Herbert Banner; Jermaine Pook; Kene Broaster; Kenroy Roca; Percy Flowers; Mykelt Anthony; Elston Wade, Manager; Dwight Gabb, Official.

Article by Charles Hyde, courtesy Amandala

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