12th Annual Junior Cross Country Cycling Classic

April 3, 2011

Joel Borland

The 12th Annual Junior Cross Country Cycling Race kicked off at 9 this morning from the San Jose Succotz ferry in the Cayo District.

33 riders, all Belizeans minus one Mexican, Juan Jose Samos Cuellar took center stage.

The 70 mile journey from Succotz Village ended at its usual finishing line in front of Leslie’s Imports in Belize City.

7 teams participated in the prestigious race including Twin Towns Cycling Club, Team Clear the Land, Team Indeco, Cayo High Road, C-Ray Junior Cycling Club, M&M Engineering and Cayo Uprising.

However, One hour and a half into the race, Greg Lovell of Cayo’s Team Indeco broke away in the vicinity of Camalote Village gaining a 2 minute lead. Nonetheless, by mile 36 near St. Matthew’s Village, though he had gained more traction, he was beginning to lose it and on reaching the Belize Zoo, he was overtaken. He ended up 5th. It was Joel Borland also of Team Indeco who snatched first place while Second was taken by Juan Umaña of Cayo High Road Cycling Club and third was won by Kyle Gentle also of Cayo High Road.

Last year’s winner was Deezan Spence of Twin Towns Cycling Club.

The winners take home cash prizes and medals.

The 12th Junior Cross Country Cycling Race is organized by the Belize Cycling Association.

Article courtesy Marisol Amaya, KREM News 

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