Belizean cyclist Byron Pope qualifies to participate in the 2014 Central American & Caribbean Games

Belizean cyclist

Belizean cyclistYesterday, the Belize Cycling Association (BCA) issued a press release stating that cyclist Byron Pope had done well enough at the Caribbean Cycling Championship in Curacao over the past weekend to qualify for the 2014 Central American and Caribbean Games in Veracruz, Mexico. Two female cyclists – Shalini Zabaneh and Kerah Eiley, and five male cyclists – Byron Pope, Edgar “Nissan” Arana, Joel Borland, David Henderson, Jr., and Robert Liam Stewart represented Belize at the Caribbean Championship in the ITT (Individual Time Trial) and the Road Race.

The BCA’s release was jubilant, declaring “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!”

It continued: “…There were eight (8) slots available for countries to participate in the Central American and Caribbean Games… Our Byron Pope was able to finish in 10th place overall in the road race and get the eighth and final qualifying slot.” (66 cyclists finished the male road race.)

“…Nissan Arana and Robert Stewart were also able to complete the race in 30th and 39th positions, respectively.” “The female athletes.. Shalini Zabaneh and Kerah Eiley… placed 10th and 12th, respectively.” (16 cyclists completed the female road race.)

BCA officials Perry Gibson, Leticia Westby and Orson Butler accompanied the cyclists, who were scheduled to return to Belize this afternoon.

Congratulations to all!

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