Big Wire’s farewell ride in Cross Country

Big Mike dropped by our Amandala sports desk this morning and gave us a printed summary of his “cycling achievements over 28 years” in the sport. He rode his first ‘Country at 16 years.

We had a brief chat about the sport today and hope to share some of his insights with readers in our next edition. For now, we can’t resist the opportunity to place on record the list of outstanding performances that Big Mike presented to us. We hope, by printing the full text of Mike’s “stats sheet,” that it will apprise some interested persons of his accomplishments and accompanying wealth of knowledge in the sport, and thus lead to a possible professional coaching relationship. Certainly, we can think of no other cyclist, past or present, who can match the awesome cycling record of Michael “Big Wire” Lewis; and cycling fans should mark this coming Cross Country as an extra-special one, in which we bid farewell to a living legend.

Below is the list presented to us by Big Mike:

“Michael Lewis cycling achievements over 28 years:

Major Wins

Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic – *Best time record (for a Belizean); Positions captured – 1st, 2nd (4 times), 3rd (4 times), 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th.

New Year’s Day Krem Cycling Classic – *Won the 1st Krem Classic; Positions captured – 1st (twice).

Valentine Classic – *Won the 1st Valentine Classic; Position captured – 1st.

Belmopan Classic – Position captured – 1st.

Labor Day – Position captured – 1st.

Bel-Chi Classic – *Won 1st Classic; Positions captured – 1st (twice).

Road Championship – Positions captured – 1st (twice).

September Classic – Positions captured – 1st (4 times).

19th November – Position captured – 1st.

Other Wins

Ciudad del Carmen (15 years) – Positions captured – 1st (thrice): 80 miles criterion; 1st: 50 miles road race.

Chetumal – Positions captured – 1st (35 times).

Stann Creek – Weekend races on Sat. & Sun. (over 60 races won).

Belize City – Small races (over 80 criterions won).

Represented Belize in Cuba – 4 years; Indianapolis in 1997; Merida – 6 years; attended 2 Olympics, in Korea (’88) and Spain (’92).

Michael Lewis is retired and is willing to be a coach for cyclists or non-cyclists. Some cyclists aren’t performing because they lack assistance. The younger generation of cyclists refuse to ask for help/advice from experienced older cyclists.

Remember: What you put in is what you get out!

*Age does not matter (Male or Female).

Interested persons with stationary bicycle are still liable for training. Tel#: 623-7905.

Article courtesy Amandala

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