Father’s Day Concert Drew Crowd

Winner Fathers Day Song Competition 2010 - Yon & Alliah bevansSunday June 20th, Tony Wright of the Association of Belizean Artists First’s spearheaded the celebration of responsible dads at the
successful Annual Father’s Day Song Competition held at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. The Association received about 18
entries from, Lake I, Ladyville, Sand Hill, Santana, Rock Stone Pond, and Biscayne as well as from Punta Gorda and Corozal, showing dad some love.

The 10 finalists who were chosen performed their songs live in concert backed up by the Mighty Imperial Band. About four hundred came out to watch as contestants performed their original pieces. It was a Father and daughter team from Burrell Boom that charmed the hearts of judges and walked away with the grand prize of one thousand dollars.

Winning song ‘A Daddy’s Choice’ sung by Yon Bevans and his eight year old daughter Alliah, encouraged Belizean fathers to play their role in building a stronger nation. Although it was not the first time the two have sung together, it is the first competition they have entered. Yon describes the win as humbling and Alliah was just glad to show her appreciation for her dad. Matter-of-factly, Alliah had her solo stanza:

No more crying on the street side,
Oh I’ve got daddy for my guide,
All the things I do for daddy, I do them with such pride,
Well daddy you’re my hero; to me you are the best,
Having daddy for a lifetime,
Belize, I’m surely blessed.

Yon made mention that he and Alliah will no longer be strangers to song competitions. The duo is back in the lab working on an entry for the National Institute of Culture and History’s (NICH) patriotic song competition. Yon teased with a few lines from ‘Belize, I Smile’, his love song to the country.

Every time they call your name,
The overflow of joy is the same…
I know we had our ups and downs,
But every time I look at you my frown is undone.

Second place as well as five hundred dollars went to last year’s winner, Joe Lawrence and the artist, Positive Vibes won third, landing three hundred in his pocket. All winners got a nice trophy to complement their bragging rights.

Monies from the concert now go to the association’s next big event, SOUNDFEST, marked down on this year’s September celebrations calendar.

Written by Kimberly Timmons

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