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Earlier this month, on March 9, activist Deon “Ras Pitta” Pitter and Krem DJ Anthony “Tony G” Grant organized an evening of musical entertainment to generate funds for a worthy cause, and today, the two men distributed the proceeds of their venture to a feeding program which is run by the faculty of Ebenezer Primary School in Belize City for the benefit of its underprivileged students.

After the handing over was conducted, Amandala spoke to Pitter and Grant who were ecstatic that they were able to give a helping hand to the school.

Pitter said, “We are just continuing from where we left off on Friday when we donated some chairs to Timmy Stamp’s after-school program, and today we are donating rice, chicken, beans, etc. to Ebenezer School, and we will continue to identify other initiatives which benefit the community and we will lend our support to those initiatives.”

He stated that they are depending on the support of the people who go to the ‘Blazin’ Reggae Sundays’ show – which has been planned as a monthly event – so that they can help to sustain some other feeding programs in addition to the ones they are currently assisting, and he encouraged their supporters to come out to the next show on April 27.

Pitter told us that the teachers and students were happy to get the food items because they were on the verge of exhausting their stock.

Pitter commented on what it means for two ordinary gentlemen like he and “Tony G” to make a difference in the lives of so many children. He said, “It’s our duty to be our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers in everything we do, including how we laugh and talk and socialize so we take this as part of our work and it’s work that we have to do.”

Last Friday, March 14, the duo handed over 10 chairs to community activist Timmy Stamp who started an after-school program for primary school children on the Southside of Belize City.

Article courtesy Amandala


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