Santa KREAM docks up in town

Yeah. You got that right! This year Belizeans at home and abroad donated generously to Krem’s Toy Drive helping to make the event a successful one yet again.


And these were no poco tiempo gifts either so when the children saw and received them on Christmas Eve from Krem’s Eleanor Kelly, JC Arzu, Yaya Marin and Chris Malic along with Joel “Dara” Robinson, the only thing left for them to imagine they were Santa Claus and a couple elves were the respective suits.

When the Krem Caravan, via transportation sponsored by Varela’s Auto Rental, pulled up and began distribution, the children skipped about and wasted no time in opening the gifts that are usually gift wrapped and labeled “B” for Boy and “G” for Girl. Of course that was accompanied by the usual “Mom! Dad! Look what I got!” characteristic of children showing off their newly acquired possessions. Ahhhh. Took you right back to when we were children ourselves, doesn’t it? Mind you, toy guns were a no-no and that’s because of Krem’s commitment to social consciousness.

So this is how in these difficult times, with the help of numerous Belizeans at home who wished to remain anonymous and abroad (special thanks to Belizean Consortium in Los Angeles and Carol Palma and Family in Houston), Krem Radio was able to spread some cheer to children in the Port Loyola, St. Martin’s De Porres, Kelly Street, Majestic Alley, Supaul Street, Kraal Road, Jane Usher Boulevard, Yarborough and Faber’s Road communities to keep the love and Kream coming; our way of giving back to our Belizean people who show us nuff love during the year. Yo done seh it!

Written by Marisol Amaya

About KREM
The idea for the KREM Radio station originated in early 1979 while Rufus X and I were visiting New Orleans. There was a New Orleans deejay I liked, by the name of Sister Love, and one day Rufus and his cousin, Sam Wiley, who was our host, showed me the building where the radio station which featured Sister Love was located. It was quite a modest, one flat structure, much smaller than the three story Albert Cattouse Building from where the Belize government monopoly station – Radio Belize – was broadcasting.

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